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I'm a Visual Storyteller—meaning I love to combine my art and words to tell stories. I enjoy working in a serial format, with each individual work part of a series. Many of my projects reflect my observations of the passage of time, whether chronicling each day of a vacation or the weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly changes I see in my backyard.

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Current and Recent Projects/Stories

  • Tucson Yard Journal – I'm currently combining art and words in a comic book style to tell the story of the variety of amazing flora and fauna I enjoy each month right in my own yard.
  • Perpetual Journal – In Fall 2022 I started a Perpetual Journal – a multi-year art journal in which each page documents 1 week. I draw/paint something each week, leaving space on each page for adding more art that same week the next year, and the year after that, until the pages are filled.
  • Tucson Color Journal – Every day for a year I painted 1 color/day that represented something from nature I saw in or from my yard. My colors included everything from trees and wildflowers to animals, birds, and insects, to skies and clouds.
  • Sit Spot Nature Journal – In Fall 2021 I started a habit of regularly sitting in the same spot, to immerse myself in and appreciate the nature I observe in my backyard, and chronicle my observations in this journal.
  • New Zealand Visual Trip Journal – I combined local information and personal anecdotes with my illustrations to tell the story of my 24-day trip to beautiful, awesome New Zealand.

I hope you enjoy looking around my site, and feel free to get in touch with me! I'm also on Mastodon - so you can find me (and follow me) there as well!

~ Paula